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We are an agile and versatile IT talent, services, and solutions provider with international footprint, focused on delivering high quality with unmatched efficiency and speed.

Our team of IT recruiters, Solution Architects, Software Developers and Product specialists works as a trusted partner to our clients to help them resolve their business challenges and to enable growth through an effective and efficient use of technology and business acumen.

Our Services

Specialized IT Recruitment & Sourcing

We provide High-Speed and High-Quality Recruitment Services for both Freelance and Permanent positions, and immediate access to the most specialized and well-referenced technology consultants.

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Nearshore IT Development & Solutions

We provide Software Development & Implementation services as your nearshore outsourcing partner. Our Outsourcing team is structure around core competencies and integrates with our partners and clients in an efficient and versatile way.

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Markets: Italy, Spain, UK, Albania, Scandinavia; US; Netherlands; Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria


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