Moving Forward (the element of the arrow going right)

Meaning: toward the future; ahead in time.

A forward-thinking mindset is one that is invested in the future. We need to practice this level of strategic thinking so we can see the challenges ahead and lay the framework for how to overcome them. In order to have the best chance of succeeding in such a competitive environment, this rebranding process will seize the need to be forward-thinking.


Innovation can refer to something new, such as an invention, or it can refer to the process of developing and introducing new products.

A new product is often the result of innovation, but it can also be a new way of doing something or even a new area of thinking.

The rebranding of IKONS represents an image of a corporation that is shifting its focus from services to solutions, with a people-centered approach. A culture of belonging and community that allows their employees to be their best, authentic selves while accomplishing purpose-driven work.


Meaning the information, understanding and skills that you gain through education or experience.

One of the main quotes IKONS vision goes with in this rebranding process is “always in search of building new knowledge.”

The goal is to explore various strategies for efficiently keeping up with the most current technologies and using them to deliver better knowledge and learning in creative different ways.


Meaning: an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something:

We do believe in the importance of open-source education and equal opportunities for everyone! And to turn these values opportunities into bridges that help towards our common goals!

Equal opportunity growth in the workplace, equal employment opportunities regardless of gender, age and other factors, and our people being well accepted for their differences will be only some of the value opportunities IKONS rebranding process will have to offer!


Meaning: a network of people or  institutions is a large number of them that have a connection with each other and work together as a system:

One of the values IKONS has always promoted is “being together” and operating as a whole network, each member to rely on one another to foster growth, increase value and build a solid business network.

The improved network coming with the rebranding process will lead to new connections to expand our community, make us more visible and provide us with new ideas and perspective!


Meaning: the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for:

The world we live in today continues to evolve, so our brands should evolve with it to stay competitive. Rebranding is an essential part of maintaining the upkeep of your business. 

Continuing to innovate, having a collaborative inclusive corporate culture, passionate and engaged employees and leaders and real unique values will push us to reach the top and celebrate for our victories.